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Zaful Clothing Review

Hi everyone! About a month ago, I got an email from Zaful and they wanted to send over some clothes for me to try on camera for my YouTube channel. I had never ordered from Zaful before, so I went on their site to see what kind of styles and prices they offer. I noticed that everything is quite affordable and almost always on sale. Zaful is definitely a “fast fashion” site. This means they sell trendy, lower quality clothing at an affordable price. There are a lot of different opinions on fast fashion sites, but for me personally, I don’t mind lower quality items that I’ll wear once or twice for a YouTube video or Instagram picture.

After going through their site and watching some Zaful clothes reviews on YouTube, I told Zaful I was interested in doing a review for them on my channel. I sent in my order to Zaful on December 29th, 2018 and didn’t receive my order until January 15th of 2019. Once I got the clothes, everything was packed really well in their own little reusable plastic bags, which I appreciated. I ordered a total of 12 things from their site: 1 matching set, 5 tops, 4 bottoms, a necklace and belt. The quality of each piece varies, which results in having a ton hits and a ton of misses. There were definitely some stand out pieces that I really loved and thought fit me perfectly! Others.. not so much. I would say out of the 12 pieces I got, I was more than happy with 9 of those items. I feel like that’s pretty good, especially for a fast fashion site like Zaful. If you want to see me try on every single piece, I will link my try on video down below for you to check it out. For now, here are some of favorite items modeled by yours truly! 

This coat is a MUST HAVE. The quality is not bad at all, it’s really warm and cozy! I ordered a size medium, which fits a US size 6. It’s also cropped so you can totally pair this jacket with cute, high waisted jeans for the winter!

Once I saw this shirt on the site, I HAD to have it! I love the color red and I was really drawn to the ruffle details. The quality of this shirt isn’t bad but isn’t the best either. It’s a true knitted sweater fabric, but in my opinion, if you don’t dress this top up right, it can look a little cheap. I paired this sweater with leather pants from Nordstrom and some nude scrappy heels from Charlotte Russe. I bought this in a size medium which fits a US size 6.

I have 2 pieces from Zaful on in this photo. I’m wearing these beautiful, really high quality snake print jogger pants and a plain black, spaghetti strap bodysuit. The jogger pants are SO good! I am obsessed with snake print at the moment and who doesn’t love comfy, loose fitted pants that can make any outfit look expensive? These pants were actually the most expensive thing I bought from Zaful and they’re the most high quality. They have a thick elastic waistband that really sucks you in and they also have toggles at the ankles, so you can choose for them to be fitted or loose. As for the bodysuit, the quality is something you could find at Forever 21 or any trendy retailer. This doesn’t mean the quality is bad, I honestly really like the bodysuit and I think it’s a perfect piece to wear with bold pants or for a more simple look, you can pair the bodysuit with some jeans and sneakers!


I would totally recommend ordering from Zaful if you just want some cute pieces to wear a few times. Obviously with lower quality clothing, you won’t get longevity, so you basically get what you pay for. I’d also advise you to watch some Zaful clothing hauls before ordering just so you can get an idea of the sizing and maybe get some inspiration for what you’re looking for! Speaking of Zaful clothing hauls.. here’s mine!


  • Jamiro Hazel

    I am not the best when it comes to women fashion lets just say i always see my girlfriend buying from fashion nova. I am happy i came across your blog so i can share with her so she can know about this store as well cause they seems to have some really nice items. Thanks for sharing, those are some very nice pieces.

    • Mary

      Fashion Nova is also a really great site but a bit more expensive than Zaful! Zaful is definitely a great place to shop for girls/women! 

  • Barry Bullard

    I think that my wife would really love to get her hands on some zaful clothing.  It looks stylish and comfortable at the same time.  A lot of clothes out there you either have to choose comfort or a stylish look but this looks like you get to have both which is awesome!

    Definitely going to get her some to try out!  Thank you!

  • Linda

    It might be interesting to see what type of foundation and makeup you where with each out fit. Maybe even see multiple various makeup styles that would go with specific clothing. Its obvious you have a passion for dress styles. Now I believe you could say we all have a vibe, aura, presence, or being that is “colored” differently depending on what we wear. I think people like fashionable styles of clothing, because its away to see the many different facets of ourselves. These facets can be away to communicate an connect with others. Maybe if you share your knowledge others may acquire the ability to harness the art of dressing beautifully.

    • Mary

      That’s such a good idea! Pairing makeup and outfits would be helpful! Every time I pick out an outfit I always think about what makeup would go with what I’m wearing. I could share my thought process on how I pair the two! Thank you for the idea and feedback!

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