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What is the Best Makeup for Dry Skin?

If you are looking for the best makeup for dry skin, then this information is for you. I am going to let you know about all the products that I love using and that work for my dry skin. I have dry skin on my face so all of the products that I will be discussing I actually use and are going to enhance your skin. It will make it look a little less dry, more dewy, illuminated and look like you’re glowing from within.

I have dry skin but I love a full coverage glam look most of the time so a lot of these products are geared towards full coverage. But I also use products that would fall under medium and light coverage so I’ll be discussing some of those also. 

 I’ll discuss these products in the order of how I do my makeup. 

Primer first

Let’s start with primer first. Honestly, even though I have dry skin I don’t really prime my face that often. I feel like my skincare routine moisturizes my skin enough to where I don’t have to go in with a moisturizing primer. For more full glam days, when I feel like my skin is a little bit too dry to go straight to my foundation then I will apply a moisturizing or illuminating primer first.

There are two different types of primers. Some are illuminating, where they give you a glow and then some are actually moisturizing, that are not really meant to give you a glow but it is going to give you some extra moisture and kind of plump your skin a little bit. 

The Creme Shop It’s About Prime

best dry skin makeup primer

So the first primer that I want to tell you about is The Creme Shop It’s About Prime hydrating makeup primer. What I really like about this primer is it is hydrating but it also gives you a little bit of a glow. The primer is actually the same color as the bottle which is kind of weird at first because the bottle is blue. But once you rub it into your skin all the way you’re not going to see much of a blue tint on your skin. It gives you a really nice subtle glow but will also hydrate your skin.

I feel like because it is so thick it just sinks into the skin. This is perfect for lighter days and just basic day to day use because it is super moisturizing and also protects your skin with SPF.. I think it’s about 17 dollars which is a little bit expensive for the drugstore.But I think this performs better than all the other primers that are sold at the drugstore so it’s worth it. I really like this moisturizer, I definitely recommend it especially if you’re looking for a hydrating and affordable moisturizer.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer Primer and Moisturizer

dry skin primer

The next primer that I have is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer Primer and Moisturizer. I use this on my more glam days because I don’t think this gives me a flashback. I’m pretty sure there is no SPF in this but I like this especially when I’m going to be wearing a lot of makeup for a long time then I will put this on because it really moisturizes your skin. It moisturizes it so well and it’s also thin so you don’t feel like you’re adding an extra layer of makeup.

Becca First Light Priming Filter

high-end face primer

Then another high-end primer that I use is the Becca First Light Priming Filter. I really love this when I have my skin moisturized and I’m going to wear a lighter foundation because this will give you a beautiful, glowing from within type of look. So I use lighter foundations to help let this peek through my foundation and let it just glow a little bit more.

It really isn’t going to moisturize you, it’s just going to give you a really nice glow. It smells really good and looks really good on the skin. I just really like this. If you find that you just want a little extra glow before applying your foundation then I definitely recommend this.  

If you are looking for a moisturizing primer than I would definitely go with the Smashbox or The Creme Shop products above.

On to Foundations

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

dry skin foundation

This first one I think so many people are gonna disagree with me. I’ve seen so many mixed reviews about this foundation being used for dry skin but it looks really good on my dry skin so I’m going to recommend it anyways. It is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. When I use it with a sponge it looks very good on my dry skin. It’s a medium coverage foundation. 

This foundation makes your skin look better without hiding your skin. So it sort of makes your skin look like, well, you were born this way. Every time I wear this foundation I always get compliments. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily dewy or hydrating but I think it gives you a really nice natural finish.

If you moisturize before putting this on then I feel like this will look great on you. I don’t find it clinging to any dry patches or caking up anywhere. I think it works great for my dry skin. So if you were on the fence about it maybe get a sample but I really like this on my skin.

The Creme Shop BB Cream

Creme shop BB cream

The Creme Shop BB Cream says it has full coverage, it’s hydrating, it’s age defying and it has an SPF of 30. I love this so much! My skin has been super dry and breaking out recently so I used this yesterday and it didn’t emphasize any acne that I had or any dry patches that I had. It smoothed over everything so flawlessly. I love this but it comes in a really crappy shade range. The shade that is called light is like four shades darker than my natural skin tone.

This does have an SPF so it’s probably better used as an everyday BB cream or everyday foundation type of thing. If you do like full coverage and you also want to protect your skin and have a really nice dewy finish this is definitely your product. It is so good.

Colour Pop No Filter Foundation sticks

dry skin foundation stick

The next foundation that I use for my dry skin is the Colour Pop No Filter Foundation sticks. I’m wearing this today.These give you really amazing coverage without looking cakey. I don’t think my foundation looks cakey at all today. This looks so good. It feels so thin and light on the skin but still gives you really great coverage. It’s not matte and it doesn’t tug on any dry areas. It doesn’t make you flaky either. I’ve been wearing this a lot recently because my skin has been so dry but I also want coverage. I’m absolutely in love with it.

I just love this foundation. It is so good. They’re only ten dollars and definitely worth it and also they don’t freak me out like the liquid foundation does I do not like the liquid at no filter foundation it’s just not my jam but these are really good they don’t freak me out full coverage looks great on dry skin

Love me a good concealer

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

dry skin concealer

The first one I’m going to mention is the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. If you don’t like Shape Tape because it was too dry or too thick then this Too Faced is your concealer. It is literally like Shape Tape but creamier and more hydrating. I love this under my eyes it’s not gonna make your under eyes look crazy. It’s not going to bring out any lines. It just looks so good under the eyes and really all over the face. I just really like it.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

milk makeup concealer

Another full coverage hydrating concealer that does not get enough love is the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. This stuff is so good. I use this a lot just on its own when I’m doing day-to-day makeup. I use this as a foundation because it makes your skin look so lively and it plumps your skin. It’s so hydrating and it almost looks like a filter on your face. I wouldn’t say it’s as full coverage as the Two Faced Concealer but it’s still pretty good coverage for how glowy and how amazing it looks on your skin.

I love this concealer so much. It does have SPF in it though so it’s not the best for super glam days or if you’re taking flash photography. But for everyday use, if you still want coverage and you want your skin to look plump and juicy I would definitely recommend this concealer.

Setting Powders

RCMA No Color Powder

This is the RCMA No Color Powder. This is really good for dry skin and I don’t bake my face for that long. I will bake my face with this for maybe like 10-15 seconds and it doesn’t dry me out it. It doesn’t make me look creepy either it smooths my under eyes and it sets my concealer. I love this. I’ve been using it for so long.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

laura mercier setting powder

Another powder that I really like is the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. It doesn’t dry me out, it’s so easy to use, and it doesn’t leave any harsh white cast on your face or anything like that. It looks good in photography. I love this stuff.

NYX No Filter Finishing Powder

nyx no filter powder

I use the NYX Born to Glow Foundation and I also absolutely love NYX No Filter Finishing Powder. I stand by this so much. So many of my friends have started using this powder on my recommendation and everybody loves it. It sets your face without taking any moisture from your skin. It’s just gonna set your face kind of mattifying but not dry you out. 

The No Filter Finishing Powder gives you such a beautiful airbrush finish and since it is so thin it’s not going to make you look powdery. It doesn’t cake up anywhere, it’s just going to give a nice finish with setting your face. I love this I would highly recommend it especially for dry skin. 

Cream and Liquid Highlights

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

I love this on my “no makeup” makeup days. I like putting this on the high points of my face and kind of letting my skin look a little bit more dewy. You can put this over your foundation or under your foundation. I like using this under my foundation but since I like a full coverage look this doesn’t really peek through my foundation as much. 

shimmering powder becca

This isn’t going to moisturize you. But it is going to give you a really pretty glow, like you’re glowing from within. So if you moisturize really well but you still want that really nice kind of beaming glow this is definitely your product.

Essence Strobing Highlighter Stick

dry skin highlighter

I usually use stick highlighters on “no makeup” makeup days. I’ll apply them to the high points of my face and sometimes I even apply this over my powder and foundation. Then I’ll go in with a powder highlight just to make it a little bit more intense. I really love this because of how light it is.

It has like a really light gold reflect that’s so pretty. It makes your skin look super wet especially when the light hits your skin and makes it look really good. I love using it on my “no makeup” makeup days. 

I love the formula of this. It feels like a cream and then you wait a little bit and it dries down like a powder. But it still gives you that really nice reflectiveness. Or like a nice glow or sheen.

Bronzers and Blushes

Milani Baked Bronzer

milani baked bronzer

A brand that I love that has amazing baked bronzers and blushes is Milani. I have their Baked Bronzer in the shade Dulce. I just love how it gives you a subtle kind of sheen. It’s definitely not going to be super glowy but it’s also going to look different from a matte. I feel like with the sheen it just kind of adds a nice subtle glow throughout your face. 

This bronzer has gold flakes throughout the pan and it just makes your skin look so good. I love these bronzers. It kind of has like a satin finish to where it’s not going to be flat on your face. It’s going to add a little bit of dimension to your face. It just brings a lot of life to your skin. 

Milani Baked Blush

milani baked blush

Then their Baked Blush in the shade Berry Amore is going to do the same thing as their bronzer. I feel like baked blushes have more of an impact than baked bronzers just because your cheeks move around a lot when you talk and they’re catching the light while you’re talking. 

Baked blushes always catch the light and make your cheeks look so healthy and plump.

Becca Flower Child Blush

becca flower child mineral blush

This is my favorite glowy blush of all time, the Becca Flower Child Blush. It is just so beautiful. It gives you such a beautiful sheen. It has such a subtle glow and then when you put it on your cheeks and you move your cheeks around, it just looks so good. I use this every single day. I just can’t not use a glowy blush!

I like all of these products and feel confident in recommending them. Of course, everyone’s skin, even those of us with dry skin, is different. But this is the best makeup for dry skin that works for me and I hope these work for you too.

If you love and use any particular makeup for your dry skin and you didn’t see them mentioned here then go ahead and let me know what you use down below.

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