Things That Are Making Postpartum A Little Easier

Postpartum looks different for everyone. We’re all going to recover differently no matter how we gave birth to our babes. Thankfully, there’s tons of products on the market designed to help us heal quickly and comfortably. I’ve tried my fair share of postpartum products and I’ve found my favorites!

Get Things Done While You Pump

For all of my breastfeeding mamas, a handsfree pump is a lifesaver! Whether I want to sit on my phone or do some laundry, I can do so while I pump! I chose to get the Medela Freestyle Portable Electric Breast Pump. I was interested in this one because it’s less expensive than other handsfree pumps on the market and the reviews were just as good. For me, this pump is so ideal! I like that I can clearly see how much milk I’ve pumped and how long I’ve been pumping. The pump itself weighs less than a pound so it comfortably sits in my pocket while walking around! I do recommend purchasing the Medela Easy Expression Hands Free Pumping Bustier. This is what holds the breastshields for you. There’s tons to do with a new baby in your life, so to me, having a handsfree pump is key!

Store Your Supplies In A Caddy

One thing I learned with having a baby, you may need to pump or change a diaper in any part of the house. So, I bought this diaper storage caddy and stocked it with all of my pumping needs! If I want to keep an eye on baby in the living room, I’ll keep the caddy with me so I have everything at my fingertips! I store my pump, breast pads, pump cleaner, and extra burp cloths in it. This caddy has lots of space and the compartments are deep enough so nothing spills out. There’s also pockets on all the sides to store your little stuff! You can use this in a number of ways. Store it with diaper changing supplies, baby toys/clothes, or make it a postpartum care kit!

Or Store Your Supplies In A Portable Cart

This idea is similar to the diaper caddy but I like to use both! I put this cart next to my rocking chair in the nursery and stock it with all of my essentials. I actually place my storage caddy on top to keep all of my pumping supplies together! The second tier is snacks for late night feedings, pacifiers and burp cloths. I don’t reach for the bottom that often but I use that space for diaper and wipe storage. This cart is portable so you’re able to move it room to room. It’s really convenient to have next to the rocking chair and has a lot more storage than a night stand!

No Need To Ruin Your Good Underwear

After giving birth, I dreaded the idea of having to use bulky pads in my pre-pregnancy underwear. I didn’t want that uncomfortable feeling and I didn’t want to ruin my good underwear! I discovered these postpartum underwear pads and was relieved to say the least! They’re surprisingly comfortable, and the 2in1 factor makes it so convenient. Plus, they’re discreet so no one will know you’re basically wearing a diaper.

Cool It Off Down There

When I gave birth I had an episiotomy and was given a few stiches down there. The pain and uncomfortableness I felt afterward was worse than the labor! If there’s one product that actually made me feel better down there, it was THESE! These panty liners are soaked with witch hazel so they instantly give you that cooling sensation. The packaging also allows for you to carry these around with you so you can take these miracle liners with you anywhere!

Like I said, everyone’s postpartum journey is different. We won’t all use or need the same things but I hope this helped give you some ideas or helped you find a holy grail product! No matter your road to recovery, remember to take care of yourself! I know some of us can get so lost in motherhood that we forget to take some time for ourselves. Treat yourself to a face mask or put on an outfit that makes you feel good even if you’re staying in! We all deserve to feel good about ourselves while tending to our precious babies. Thank you for reading! xo

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