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Where To Buy Stylish & Affordable Maternity Clothes

One of the best parts about having a baby bump is dressing it up! I tried a ton of different places for maternity clothes while I was pregnant. Finding reliable basics was most important to me but I also wanted some statement pieces. Between pregnancy symptoms and life changes, focusing on my wardrobe helped me feel more like myself!

There are a ton of boutiques online with beautiful maternity clothing but those prices aren’t for everyone! I do believe in splurging on maternity clothes for special occasions (your baby shower, a wedding, etc.) but we’re only wearing these clothes for a limited time. We can definitely dress our growing bellies while on a budget!

1. ASOS Maternity

ASOS is probably my site for all of my clothes. They have a large variety of good quality, stylish clothes for great prices. They were the first online store I tried for maternity clothes and I instantly fell in love!

In this picture, both the biker shorts and white tee are from ASOS Maternity. I have the maternity tee shirt knotted up high to show off my bump and the biker shorts are super trendy and fit like a glove!

ASOS does maternity bathing suits SO well. These are the 2 I bought. The sizing is perfect and they made me feel so good in my new body! You can check out the cheetah print bathing suit top here and the blue printed one piece here.

2. Target

Target has great maternity basics! I practically lived in their maternity tank tops and tees. They’re so comfy and you can dress them up in a number of ways.

I’m wearing one of the tank tops here and I dressed it up with a Missguided maternity skirt! Target also has some cute shirts for moms to be. I picked up this sweater and it was perfect for autumn! I paired it with some Motherhood Maternity leggings for a comfy vibe.

3. Missguided

If there’s one thing pregnant women can all agree on, it’s wanting to be comfortable while also looking like we put some effort into our outfit. Missguided has great casual loungewear! They also have the perfect denim shorts for those of us that are pregnant in the hotter months!

These were my favorite maternity joggers I purchased during my pregnancy! They have an over the belly band and they grew with me up until I gave birth! Not to mention, they were really affordable. You can get yourself a pair here!

4. Boohoo

Boohoo is really similar to Missguided in prices and style of clothing. I purchased graphic tees and cute matching sets from them and loved all the pieces! Boohoo and Missguided are sites that are always having sales and offering promo codes so you can definitely get a good sized haul of clothing for a great price!

This “Mama est. 2020” t shirt from Boohoo is my favorite and I still wear it postpartum. It’s simple, oversized, and comfy! You can check it out here.

5. Motherhood Maternity

I have to mention Motherhood Maternity because of their leggings! They’re my absolute favorite and I’m still wearing them 2 weeks postpartum. In any picture you see me wearing leggings, they’re most likely going to be from Motherhood Maternity. Motherhood Maternity also has some bomb nursing gowns and tank tops. I ordered some and brought them to the hospital with me when I gave birth! Check them out here!

Those are all the sites I shopped from when I was pregnant. I hope this article was helpful for those of you looking for affordable maternity clothes! Thanks for reading! xo

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