NYX foundation review

NYX Born To Glow Foundation Review

I’m going to be reviewing and doing a wear test on the new NYX Born To Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation. This is a ten dollar foundation. It’s meant to be a buildable medium coverage. I have been waiting to try this out. 

I do love NYX and I haven’t used a NYX foundation in quite a while.

So I thought I would go ahead and pick this up, try it out and write a review. I did pick up two shades and I bought mine from the NYX website. Again, they are at ten dollars a piece and you do get one fluid ounce which is a standard amount that you get in most foundations.

I have dry skin so this foundation just seemed really appealing. To glow naturally radiant sounds like something that would look really good on dry skin. 

NYX is cruelty free and this product is also vegan, which is pretty cool.

I primed my skin with the Becca Skin Love Glow Shield Prime and Set Mist. Like I have said before, I don’t really like primers that much so I’m not going to be using an actual primer. I just sprayed my face with it and then I moved onto the foundation.

The shades

I grabbed two shades. There was one of vanilla and one of nude. I got the shade of nude a little bit darker because I did a little bit of self tanning and might have to mix the two.

I’m gonna go ahead and swatch this on the back of my hand just so you can get an idea of what these shades look like. 

NYX born to glow review

Vanilla is described as a vanilla shade with neutral undertones.

Nude is described as a light shade with neutral tones.

I’m going to use vanilla for my entire face and if I do need to darken it up then I can add nude somewhere just to deepen it up.

Applying it with a sponge

I’m going to go ahead and just apply it with my sponge since that is how I regularly apply all of my foundations. It doesn’t really have a smell to it which I appreciate.

It does say that it has a buildable medium coverage. I applied a little bit more on the areas where I needed a bit more coverage, which was basically everywhere. And it definitely looked a little pink against my self tan.

But I think once the self tan wears off the color will look perfectly fine. It’s building up around my nose and it looks really weird. It obviously is not full coverage and I think trying to add a lot of foundation to cover up everything made it look just a bit cakey. I used a brush just to see if I will get more coverage.

Switched to a brush

So I used a Morphe E6 Foundation Brush and I was able to get more coverage. It wasn’t blending as smoothly with the brush though. It still looked pretty heavy so I took a sponge and went over where I used the brush just to smooth it out.

I think it ended up looking good from afar. It’s just when you get up close it really looks like I was wearing a lot of foundation. It just wouldn’t stick on my nose all the way. 

NYX born to glow foundation

But I finished off the rest of my makeup to see how all of my powders and stuff apply on top of this foundation and see if it still looks a little cakey.

And no, it doesn’t. Sometimes a foundation does look a little bit heavy but once you put your concealer, your powders and eyeshadow with help from my ABH Soft Glow tutorial, it kind of smooths out and doesn’t look as heavy as it did before.

When I finished my makeup

NYX foundation

I did do my hair, put on jewelry and all that good stuff so it looks better once I have all of my makeup on. And the NYX Born To Glow Foundation looks a bit more smooth and not as heavy. I just think it needed to dry a little bit more which is weird because it’s supposed to be radiant.

Cover FX perfect setting powder

I did set my entire face using my Cover FX Loose Setting Powder so that might be it and I didn’t spray my face with a hydrating mist. That’s probably why it does look a little bit drier than it should since I did set the entire foundation with a powder.

But I had to. There was no way that I could blend my contour bronzer and blush on top of it. It was just too tacky for me to do anything with it.

Blending powders on top of this foundation

Milk makeup

I do think that attempting to blend powders on top of this foundation was a little bit tough. It wasn’t as easy as it usually is when I use Milk Foundation or Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

I know it’s not the powder that was the problem because I use that powder every day to set every other foundation I use. 

So that’s what makes me think it’s the NYX foundation making it difficult for my powders to blend. 

It’s not the typical coverage I usually use so I’m not gonna say that I don’t like it. I usually do like a full coverage foundation but this one is supposed to be a buildable medium coverage so it’s not supposed to cover everything. I just wish it looked a little bit better around my breakouts and around the dry areas on my face.

Honestly, I wouldn’t wear the NYX Born To Glow foundation IF I had to cover everything up and wear it for an occasion where it had to look really flawless and seamless on my face. Just because it kind of looks like a ten dollar foundation.

The Wear Test

I did a 6 hour wear test with this foundation.

It honestly doesn’t look much different after 6 hours. It did get a little bit glowier throughout the day which is good if you have dry skin. I just hate how it looks around my nose. I don’t know what is making it do that.

It’s just building up around my nose. It doesn’t look horrible or anything it just has a tiny bit more glow. I don’t think it wore horribly or anything. I still think it looks pretty okay


But it does have flashback. I used the Too Faced Born This Way concealer today which does have flash back on its own but I didn’t apply it all over my face. I only applied the concealer it on my forehead and my under eyes.

What I didn’t like about NYX Born to Glow Foundation

The only bad thing that I have to say about it is that it does look a little bit cakey when you build it up a lot. It claims to be made for buildable coverage and then it kind of clings and collect around my nose and chin just a little bit.

But a lot of foundations do that. I’m just pointing it out that it does and I don’t really like that in a foundation so it’s kind of just personal preference.

My recommendation

So would I recommend this NYX Born to Glow foundation? Honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad for ten dollars. I mean you are spending $10 so you’re not gonna get the most amazing foundation. I think for an everyday foundation and something that you’re not going to wear with a full glam look this is perfectly okay.

If you want to spend $10 on this I would say go for it but it’s definitely not the glammest of foundations.

It’s just not my favorite. Maybe for everyday makeup, something a little bit more light. I do like a more glam makeup so this NYX foundation is definitely not going to be one of my go-to foundations for a glam look.

I have foundations that I like better, they are more high-end and more expensive for a reason. But as an everyday and less expensive alternative the NYX Born to Glow! Naturally Radiant foundation will work.

Comment down below and let me know if you’ve tried this foundation. And if you did what was your experience with it.


  • Stella

    Female has several looks. These looks depend on how the type of makeover we choose to wear and how we age. I also have e my special foundation that is of perfect match to my color. I thought every foundation products have different opinions that can separately blend with faces. It would have been superb if ‘NYX Born to Glow’ has different skin color options. All thesame, it is amazing seeing how pocket friendly it is. And am very sure it would have high demand due to its price. I as a person don’t really wear expensive makeover except for special event or outing. It would be a best option for someone in my category.

  • Grey

    Well, I cannot put it on my face haha but I think the ton of your face really similar with my girlfriend.

    I think she would really like this NYX Born To Glow Foundation.

    I’m going to introduce this foundation to her. She’s gonna be really like it.

    Thanks for the detailed review and I really appreciate your effort.

  • DorcasW

    Hello; You certainly know about your make up application and how you can get things perfect. my face would be showing Bringle when I am through if I ever give adding make up myself a try. Good for you to be able to help yourself. Is the NYX Born to Glow Foundation anew product on the market?


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