Mom Hack- Baby Necessities Cart

As a new mom, I’m interested in any tip and trick to help make this new adventure a little easier and less daunting! Thankfully, you can find new hacks almost everywhere on the internet. I was pregnant during quarantine which means I, like everyone else, was on Tik Tok A LOT. While spending an ungodly amount of time on that app, I came across this amazing mom hack that has been so helpful with the craziness of a newborn!

What it is & Where To Buy

I saw a ton of moms show off this 3 tiered cart and stock it full of baby necessities. This intrigued me because you can move from room to room with this cart full of things you always need! I ran straight to the internet and looked up where I could find one. A bunch of stores have these but the one I decided on was at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can check it out here!

What I love about this idea is you can customize this cart for you and baby based on your specific needs!

What’s On Top

Since I exclusively pump, my cart is stocked with things I’d need for all my pump sessions and late night feedings! I have this diaper caddy on the top of my cart to hold all of my pumping supplies. This caddy is really handy, I talk more about it in my recent postpartum article you can read here! In this caddy I have my Medela breast pump and pump cleaner, breast pads, breast massager, my hakaa and my Medela nipple cream. I also have some baby care tools like the nose aspirator, nail clippers and brush. These are the things I use most so they’re on top for easy access! 

Burp Cloths, Pacifiers and.. Snacks!

On the second tier, I have things I’d need for baby. I have burp clothes, extra onesies, and a container to hold pacifiers in. The burp clothes and container for pacifiers are the most used. I go through a ton of burp clothes a day and my baby loves to spit his pacifier out on the floor so having extras next to the rocking chair is perfect! I got the container from the Target kitchen section and it looks really cute. I’ll link it here! I also have some snacks in the corner for me when I pump or when I’m rocking baby to sleep!

Extra’s At The Bottom

Lastly, on the bottom I have extra wipes and diapers. I rarely grab from this stash since the changing table has a bunch of supplies already but these are good for extra storage and emergencies. 

I love this cart idea so much and it’s been so helpful! You can take this cart anywhere and put anything in it. Whatever baby items you’re using, you can definitely utilize a cart like this!

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