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Is Curology a scam? A 3 month update

I’m going to be sharing with you my three month update using Curology. I thought this would be helpful for those of you who are curious about Curology. Because you do see a lot of reviewers saying that it works and that it made their skin so clear. And I wanted to find out it was all true or if Curology was a scam.

I’ve been using Curology for three months now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I’m gonna tell you the pros and cons of my experience using Curology and I’m going to tell you the products that I have used while using Curology.

My acne struggle

I’ve been struggling with acne, I would say, for the past two-and-a-half years. Acne isn’t something that I’m embarrassed by. It’s pretty common, most people have acne at some point. But of course, I do want clear skin and when I do my makeup all the time or I’m on camera I’m always looking at myself. And I see it.

So I would rather have clear skin. I mean who wouldn’t want to have clear skin. I don’t know about other countries but Americans spend more than $100 million a year on acne medications at Walgreens or CVS and drop more than $1 billion a year at dermatologists looking for a solution. That sounds like just about everyone wants clear skin.

I have a YouTube channel and a Instagram account so I am really looking at my face on a daily basis. As I started my process with Curology I was really hoping it wasn’t a scam.

The Curology sign up process

When you do sign on to Curology they’ll tell you all this amazing stuff about it – how it’s a personalized prescription and how you get your own dermatologist that you can contact at anytime. You can always message them and ask them questions whenever you’d like.

Then the Curology initial acne survey was my first indication that Curology was not a scam.

I told them that my problem was just basically acne and discoloration and also that I do have a bunch of acne scars.

I told them that I broke out three to four times a week, basically every single day. There was a lot of under the skin cystic acne and it was all mostly around my cheeks. I don’t really break out on my forehead that much unless I’m eating really bad or if I use leftover makeup that I didn’t wash up all the way.

But on my forehead I don’t really break out that much and I also broke out a lot on my lower chin.

So, I told Curology all of that on their initial survey.

Acne situation when I first started Curology

curology before after
is curology a scam

These are the pictures of how bad my acne was when I first started Curology.

Later on you will see the after pictures. And you might not notice much of a difference but I definitely did see a difference. 

A lot of what I had on my skin in the before pictures was acne marks but also a lot of big, irritated pimples. And it was frustrating and painful and that is why I started Curology.

What I used and how I used it

I purchased the two-month Curology super bottle, it has no cleanser or moisturizer and it had free shipping. 

is curology a scam

My personal dermatologist recommended that I apply the super bottle every other night for the first two weeks of using it. Then I apply it every single night after my face wash and before my moisturizer. And I was also told I have to let the Curology soak into my skin for 20 minutes. 

Now, I don’t have that much time at night when I’m tired and want to wash off my makeup. I don’t have 20 minutes to just do absolutely nothing to my face and then go in with my moisturizer. 

So I would wait about 10 minutes by brushing my teeth or do something in my nightly routine to use up as much of the 20 minutes as I could. I would apply my moisturizer but I didn’t use that much Curology cream to where it needed 20 minutes.

My nightly routine with Curology

I’m gonna go ahead and tell you my nightly routine just to give you an idea what products work with Curology and what works with me. 

First, my face wash is the Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. This has the passion fruit and green tea. This works wonders for my skin. My skin is used to it so I really like using that just because it works really well. Then after I wash my face I will go in with my Curology cream.

curology skin care reviews

Then, after I apply the Curology I use this Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It does say it has salicylic acid acne medication in it. Curology recommends that you don’t use something like this while using Curology but this works perfectly for me. I know this isn’t cruelty free but this is the only moisturizer that I found that doesn’t break me out.

I’ve tried two different moisturizers from the Formula 10.0.6 brand and they both have broken me out with really bad cystic acne on my chin. So, needless to say, I am on the hunt for a good cruelty free moisturizer. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Unfortunately, so far this is the only moisturizer I have found that works for my skin.

My process for applying Curology

I do have dry skin, so I didn’t apply a lot of the Curology cream because this will dry out your skin even more. I learned that very quickly. This dried out my skin pretty badly. But not as bad as Accutane drying.

The cream dried it out so bad to the point that if I did have any breakouts it would start to flake and eventually there were areas of my face where it started to get really dry and flaky. 

So I learned to apply a really small amount. Just in areas where I was breaking out or where I was prone to breaking out. So that would be my chin, my cheeks and occasionally my nose. I did notice about every other day that my skin got really dry so I would do it every two days.

Then after that sometimes I would kind of apply it based off of how my skin feels. If my skin felt really dry and dehydrated I wouldn’t put the Curology cream on. So I did skip a good amount of days without putting Curology on just because my skin is dry. 

I didn’t want to super dry my skin out and then apply a lot of product and makeup on to it so I did skip a pretty good amount of time. I would say that in the prime of me using Curology I would apply it maybe three to four times a week.

My Curology results

I started noticing the first difference within two weeks. My skin felt really clean. Curology recommends that you don’t use any exfoliator. It’s because this product exfoliates your skin in a topical way just not with any rubbing so I didn’t use any exfoliator. 

But if I did want to exfoliate my face then I just wouldn’t use Curology for two nights and then exfoliate my face. Then wait another two nights before putting Curology on again. 

I feel like it took about a month and a half for me to actually notice anything different with my acne. I stopped getting under the skin pimples and when a pimple did form I would put Curology over it. It seemed like it would stop it from rising to the surface and forming a head.

Then after that month and a half I noticed that my skin became more clear. If it was my time of the month, I would still break out but just a tiny bit. Before using Curology, during that time of the month I would break out every single day. It almost would seem like a new pimple formed every single day, which was horrible. Now during that time of the month, if I do break out it never surfaces.

9 weeks later

acne medication

I would say after about 9 weeks my skin was perfectly clear. There were acne marks so my skin doesn’t particularly look completely clear and clean but I can tell that there was no acne. I don’t think Curology really helps with acne marks though. I didn’t notice any difference with the acne marks. My acne marks had the same red pigment and I don’t think they got any lighter. 

So I really don’t think it helps with clearing up acne marks. With acne I really do think it helps.

After stopping Curology

I’ve actually been off Curology for a week now and I already have two new pimples on my left cheek. Which is typically where I breakout and where I did or I where I was breaking out before I started Curology. I definitely do think this helps my skin, it has been a lot a lot better. 

I tell you this but I don’t think that three months is the recommended stopping point for using Curology. I’m just letting you know my first three months experience.

My thoughts on using Curology

I would say that this isn’t going to help you if you’re trying to get rid of acne marks or acne scars. And if you have severe acne I can’t say anything to that because I don’t think what I had was severe acne. 

I don’t feel like this is something that you have to apply every single night. I tell you this with the knowledge that these are only my experiences after 3 months. Your experience might be different. So really listen to what your skin is telling you. I feel like if I did apply Curology every single night then my skin would just be really dry and basically destroyed. 

Is Curology a scam? No, I think Curology really helps. There will be a six month update, I am ordering another bottle and tell you how my skin has changed.

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  • Phil

    Hi Mary Eliz,

    My daughter has been using Curology for a couple of months, since she has a bit of acne unfortunately, not much at all really, but it matters a lot to her. Now her supply is about to run out and she wants me to buy the stuff. 

    I’m unconvinced that it is doing anything to her, but I read your blog carefully, and I’m glad to hear that it seems to be helping you. So I guess I’ll buy it this first time around, and will be looking for your next update to check whether it is still working. Good luck!

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