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My Drive By Baby Shower

We can all probably agree that COVID-19 affected us in ways we didn’t think it would. I certainly didn’t expect to have to social distance for my September baby shower, but I did and honestly.. I LOVED IT!

I live in Texas where COVID-19 cases were pretty high so I didn’t want to take any chances and put my family, friends and baby at risk. At first, I was bummed about having to do a drive by shower considering this is the most exciting time in my life and of course I wanted to be around all of my friends and family but I think this style of baby shower is just as fun and exciting! Not to mention, if you’re like me and you’re over being pregnant by the time of your shower, this type of shower is MUCH quicker. Trust me, your feet will thank you!


To keep things as contactless as possible, I sent out invites via text message. I used an app called Paperless Post to customize a flyer explaining where and how the shower would work. I really like this app because your guests can let you know if they’re able to attend through the invite link. You have all the info right there on the app! This isn’t sponsored, I just really liked the app!

If you’re stuck on how to explain a drive by shower on your invites, here’s what I used: “Since we can’t be together to celebrate today, let’s shower baby in a different way! Drive by to show your love and support and enjoy curbside treats & favors!” You’ll want to add a time frame for the shower so you’re not sitting outside for a long time waiting for everyone. I had about 25 guests drive by in 45 minutes!

What I Wore

I absolutely LOVED the dress I wore at my baby shower! It fit just right and I’m obsessed with green right now. I got my dress from Pink Blush Maternity, you can get it here. Another part of my outfit that I loved was my jewelry and I got it ALL from Target! I’m usually not a bracelet person but this open gold cuff was so comfortable and went with my outfit perfectly. As for the earrings I wore, I am an earrings person and these did not disappoint! They’re stunning and again, I’m loving green right now! As for my shoes, they’re just some cheap sandals that allow room for my feet to swell in. Not my first choice, but hey, they worked!

The Setup

woodland animal balloons

I give all the decoration credit to my family, they did amazing! As you can tell, the theme for my shower was a woodlands theme. All the adorable animal balloons you see are from Amazon and the mama bear sign, “we can bearly wait” signs and table cloths are from Party City! The bump sash and papa bear pin were also from Party City and I highly recommend them. They’re such a sweet touch and made my boyfriend and I feel very special on this day!

My family set up this cute bench and table for us to sit at and greet our guests who drove by. The table was perfect for opening gifts in front of the guests! To the right of us was the gift table, party favors and a cooler with water. I live in Texas so that cooler sure came in handy!

We also decorated the garage with this cute green ivy and an “it’s a boy” sign. It was a really cute area for pictures and overall a nice touch to tie together the entire front yard!

baby shower balloon tower

My favorite piece of decoration was this balloon tower that my family made and they killed it! Granted, I did make them watch a Youtube tutorial on it but it payed off! Everyone thought it was so cute and as you can see, it made an excellent photo background! Btw, the people you see pictured with me and in the background were people I have been around during quarantine. We made sure none of us were sick before getting together!

The Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake

After all the guests were done driving by and dropping off gifts, the few family members I’ve been quarantining with stayed and ate cake with my boyfriend and I! I got my woodland themed cake from a local cake shop in Conroe, Texas. This cake was delicious and not to mention, adorable. If you couldn’t tell I love woodland animals, especially foxes!

Gifts For The Guests

baby shower party favors

We sent everyone home with these adorable bottle openers from Amazon! They were easy to pass out to guests and who doesn’t love an extra bottle opener in the shape of a baby BOTTLE?! Everyone loved them!

All in all, my drive by baby shower was such a success and I loved the turnout!

I would recommend this style of event for future celebrations for anyone wanting to socially distance. You still get to see friends and family, eat cake and celebrate.. six feet apart!

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