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ABH Riviera & Soft Glam Palette Tutorial

Anastasia Riviera

I’m going to let you know how I got this eye look using Anastasia makeup, the Anastasia Soft Glam Palette and the Anastasia Riviera Palette. I paired them together to create this look just in case you do have either of these palettes and you’re not really sure what additional looks you can make with them.

I’m also going to be telling you about my current favorite face products! Some of them are new and some of them are a little bit older so I went ahead and showed you how I got this entire look except for my foundation, concealer and powder.

Starting off, I do already have my ColourPop No Filter Concealer all over my lid. I just buffed it out and let it dry a little bit.

eyelid concealer

Now we’re going to be dipping into the Anastasia Soft Glam palette and taking the shade “Orange Soda” and popping that into my crease very lightly. It doesn’t need to be too intense, I just want something to blend into the hot pink I’m going to use. 

I popped that “Orange Soda” in the crease. Now, I’m going to use the Anastasia Riviera Palette and taking the shade Bahamas, which is the hot pink shade.

I’m putting this on a pretty small blending brush. Since it is a really bright color you want to be precise with where you place it and where you’re blending.

First, I’m going to pat on the outer edge of my eye and slowly start blending into the crease. I’m going to go back in with orange soda and kind of dust the edges to make sure that there’s no harsh lines. 

Now, we’re gonna move on to the next shade from the Riviera Palette. I’m going to be taking the bright purple shade “Cannes” and I am using a more precise pointed blending brush. And again, I’m going to just stamp this on the outer corner, taking a little bit at a time. If you add too much purple it’ll mix in with the pink and make a really weird color and it will look very muddy. 

I’m not going to take it too far in the inner corner of the eye, really gonna focus this on the outer corner and in the crease. Then going to take a little bit more of Bahamas and lightly add more. Then taking that purple again just doing the same thing blending into the crease and on the outer corner. Then taking the shade “Bahamas” and I’m going to lightly blend in the crease again. 

Next, I’m going to be using the shade “Noir.” Since we’re going to be adding more of the black shadow after we cut the crease, I’ll do it with a smaller brush and only add a tiny bit to the outer corner. I’m going to dip back into the purple shade and lightly feather that black shadow out.

Then dipping back into “Bahamas” I’m going to buff this into the crease once again to make sure everything is blended.

Now, I’m going to cut the crease using my ColourPop No Filter Concealer and this really small little synthetic concealer brush.

 I’m going to be using the Riviera palette and dipping into that really pretty blue metallic shade. You can wet your brush if you want to with this shade since it is metallic but I find that using it dry works completely fine as well. Once that blue shade is on all over the lid, I’m going to go back into the purple shade on that same brush and I’m going to diffuse the edges between the blue and purple. 

Then we’re going to dip back into the black from the Soft Glam palette and going to add a little bit more on the outer edge. Next, I’ll take some small little pencil brushes to do some detail blending. And just lightly lining the half-cut crease with the purple shade. Then, with another pencil brush, I’m going to take the hot pink shade Bahamas and use that shade to help blend out that purple shade just a little bit. I find it so much easier to do this instead of using big brushes to make sure your crease is perfect. This is kind of how I cheat it, I just use small pencil brushes to help me blend things out and add shadow in small areas where I need it. So, I’ll use orange soda from Soft Glam and lightly blend the edges of the hot pink. I’m just gonna take my Essence at Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in the shade of “Black Fever.” This is the only black liner that I use.

I’m going to use that pencil brush again and I’m going to use the purple from Riviera and I’m going to pack this right up against my lower lash line and then I’ll blend downward just a little bit then with Bahamas I’m going to buff right under that purple shade and just kind of smoke it out a tiny bit I’m gonna take another pencil brush and I’m going to dip into Noir from the soft glam and I’m going to push that right up against my lower lash line to kind of help blend the waterline liner shade so

Kat Von D Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo

Moving on to face makeup, I do already have my foundation, concealer and powder on. I’m going to go ahead and contour using the Kat Von D Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo. I have the light duo and I’m going to be using the shade sombre which is the contour shade.

I really love that Kat Von D came out with a little duo because I wanted to buy a new contour since my Lorac Pro Contour Palette is expired, I’ve had that for 2 or 3 years now. I wanted a new contour but I didn’t want to buy an entire contour palette when I only use one or two shades. I also really like the brightening shade in this Mini Duo as well. It’s a great deal for $24.

Cover FX Monochromatic Duos

Cover FX Monochromatic Duo

For a bronzer, I’ve been obsessed with the Cover FX Monochromatic Bronzer Duo and this is in Sunkissed Bronze. This pan is so beautiful, you get a matte and shimmer bronzer in here! I am going to first take a little bit of the matte bronzer and just lightly dust that on the edges of my face.

Then I’m gonna pick up a little bit, just a tiny bit of this shimmer and just lightly dust that on my cheeks. The formula of the shimmery bronzer isn’t as pigmented. It’s more shimmer than an actual bronze pigment, so it just adds a nice little sheen.

Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo

I’m going to go ahead and add some blush. This is the Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo and it is in the shade of soft peach.

Cover FX Blush

 It is the same as the Bronzer Duo except this is a blush and the shimmery blush in here is to die for! It is so beautiful! 

If you don’t like adding an actual highlighter to your face or you don’t like that Instagram glow, you can definitely use this blush as kind of a highlight, like a natural highlight, because this sheen is so amazing. It literally looks like your skin is glowing from within!

If you like a little bit of glow but not as much as the Instagram highlight or you want something more natural, the Cover FX Blush Duo is definitely a good go-to for highlight.

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder

I’m using the Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in the shade Coco Bling. I have mentioned this before but I’m just so obsessed with this. It’s so good.

 I’m also applying this to my inner corner okay I definitely needed that inner corner highlight my eyes were looking beady and small so to finish off the look 

I’m going to be using the Becca Skin Love Glow Shield Prime and Mist Set. When I spray it before my makeup I think it really hydrates my skin. And the mist on this is amazing, it is so good, I love it!

I think this is a perfect pallet combo because you have neutrals and then you have your color so honestly the possibilities are endless.  


  • Ann

    That eye look looks amazing! I think I may buy the palette and use it for something pretty fun when I have the time to. I think I may also bookmark your website cause I’m interested in things like makeup and fashion, being someone as young as I am hehe~

  • Melanie


    What a stunning look! I’ve recently been getting more and more into bright eye looks and this one is lovely! I love the blue with the pink! ABH is definitely one of my favourite brands, it’s just a shame it’s hard to get where I live.

    Thank you for explaining how you achieved this look, I do have a lot of dupes for these colours, so I’ll definitely be giving them a try!

    How do you like Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes, are they worth buying?


    • Mary Eliz

      thank you!! I think Kat Von D shadows are pretty good but I think ABH, Colourpop, and BH Cosmetics are more worth your money because they have better color selection! 

  • Aly

    Wow, your eye makeup is on point! The transition between the blue, then the pink, then the “blank space” above the crease is gorgeous. In the photo, it looks like you have a few shades of blue near your lash line. Is this due to blending multiple colors there, or rather just a cool effect of the eye shadow pigments and the lighting?

    Thanks for the cool post!

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